3 - 5 Year

3 - 5 years: Children start to understand their bodies and emotions more and play is even more important as this is how they learn to explore their feelings. They will use imaginative play, enjoy playing in small groups and will be fascinated by the world around them. This also means a lot more who, what and why questions... in fact, on average a 4-year-old child asks 437 questions a day!

P1 - P3 children are now much more independent and will become more daring. They need lots of physical activity and enjoy sporting or team games. They will thrive from having boundaries and realistic expectations.

5 - 11 Year

P4 - P7 children are able to get involved with creating their own display boards and planning activities. They take part in lots of constructive, creative and physical activities and also have dedicated time for supervised homework.

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